MUEGGE – We are specialized in Isotropic Plasma Technologies: High Density Plasma, Pulsed Plasma, Pure Isotropic Plasma, No Ion Bombardment.

About us

For more than 30 years, MUEGGE has developed, produced and supplied high-quality microwave solutions for complex process requirement. MUEGGE is a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of plasma source solutions, industrial microwave heating systems, components and hardware.

MUEGGE’s product offering includes scaleable plasma sources (200 mm2 -->1000 mm2), Low pressure sources, Remote Plasma Sources (RPS), PFC abatement sources, Deposition sources, Etch/Strip sources, Microwave ECR sources, plasma monitoring, tuning and measurement devices. Typical operating process pressures of 0.3 – 5.0 Torr with typical process gas flow from 500sccm – 10slm. MUEGGE standard products can operate in either CW or pulse power ranges from 300 W to 100 kW, with frequencies of 915, 2450 and 5800 MHz.

MUEGGE plasma source markets include Architectural Glass, Disk Drive, Flat Panel Display, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Material Processing and industrial applications.

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Oliver Eckstein
Head of Sales Asia Pacific
Phone: +49 6164 93070
Hou Chen Yang
Beijing Jenerator Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Products and Services

High Density Plasma, Pulsed Plasma, Pure Isotropic Plasma, No Ion Bombardment, Atmospheric Plasma, SU-8 Removal, High Selectivity Resist Removal, Non-oxidizing (e.g.H2) Chemistry for Cleaning Applications, Cleaning of 3D Structures, LIGA Process, Damage-free Cleaning of Sensitive Surfaces (e.g. Sensors), Isotropic Chamber Clean, High Density Films, Descum, 915 MHz, 2.45 GHz, 5.8 GHz
Radical Plasma Source (Remote Plasma Source / RPS)

The RPS is a complete microwave plasma subsystem designed for easy turnkey integration. It offers a reliable solution for fluorine and non-fluorine chemistries covering a wide process range of gases, gas-flow, pressure and power. Delivering a flow of uncharged atomic species (radicals), it is the ideal remote plasma source for a large variety of applications, ranging from fast PR- and polymer-removal to isotropic etching and CVD.

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Plasma Array (large area)

The plasma array is a low-pressure plasma source, it can be used for plasma-supported surface treatments, such as surface activation, etching or depositions. It is a direct microwave plasma source without use of a magnetic field.
The array system is designed for use on vacuum process chambers.

Typical applications for the array system are:
• Isotropic etching
• Plasma-supported depositions
• Stripping photoresist
• Service cleaning and service conditioning

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MUEGGE STP - Microwave Plasma System for SU-8 Etching & Photoresist Ashing

The MUEGGE STP microwave plasma systems are ideal for photoresist ashing (perfect for SU-8), descum, wafer cleaning, surface activation and silicon and silicon nitride etching.

The MUEGGE STP series has successfully integrated a plasma process and system technology to remove SU-8 with dry plasma etching. Also for removing sacrificial layers, the isotropic etch property of microwave plasma is of advantage to undercut the top layer.

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