ALPHA PLASMA Vertrieb Plasma Systeme

ALPHA Plasma supplies microwave plasma systems for wafer fabrication and IC packaging. We provide batch tools as well as automated equipment for processing of individual devices.

About us

ALPHA Plasma is a globally operating supplier of microwave plasma systems to the semiconductor and electronics industries. Long-term experience in sales and manufacturing makes Alpha Plasma an ideal partner for the rapidly changing world of electronics. We specialize in providing low pressure Advanced Microwave Plasma Technologies to both, the wafer fabrication and chip packaging industries.

Alpha Plasma hereby teams up with a worldwide network of partners so that Alpha Plasma is everywhere any time,in particular in South East Asia and China. We are represented through Alpha Plasma Asia and Astronics Technologies, both Singapore- as well as China-based companies. The product portfolio of Alpha Plasma comprises classic batch plasma systems as well as fully automated equipment for processing individual substrates, wafers and devices.

Our goal is to provide a ONE STOP plasma solution to our customers with improved process and not just precise equipment.

ALPHA PLASMA Vertrieb Plasma Systeme
Gewerbepark Markfeld 13
83043 Bad Aibling

Phone: +49 151 40743961
Fax: +49 8061 9379298

Contact person

Wallace Lim
Sales Director (Asia)
Phone: +65 625 80023
Wolfgang Petasch
Sales Director (Europe)
Phone: +49 8061 937929-2
Gavin Wang
Country Manager (China)
Alpha Plasma Asia Pte Ltd (Chengdu)
88 West Wuke Road, Rm 133
Chengdu 610041
Hongdu Fortune Plaza

Phone: +86 28 83352813

Products and Services

At SEMICON China 2022 ALPHA Plasma presents its portfolio of microwave plasma processes and solutions. We are glad to discuss plasma cleaning applications in advanced IC and LED packaging and also state-of-the-art plasma applications in wafer processing.

On display will be the ALPHA Plasma Microwave System ASTRO PACTO-20H, an example from our portfolio of low-pressure plasma cleaning and asher.
ASTRO PACTO-20H is a highly integrated microwave plasma machine equipped with heating chuck satisfying 2-12inch wafer PR removing and surface activation. It is ideal also for removal of PI and SU-8 , DESCUM process, removal of MEMS sacrificial layers.

The ASTRO PACTO Series is available in both standalone manual operation to fully automatic robotic handling capabilities.

Our lab is also equipped with microwave plasma table top cleaner AL18 to larger-sized production model AL76.

An especially strong point of ALPHA Plasma is the quartz chamber type Q Series, designed for damage-free wafer processing: descum and photo resist stripping.

Microwave Batch Plasma System AL76

The microwave batch AL76 plasma system is equipped with 3 MFC suitable for a wide variety of gas mixture and can be used to remove hydrocarbon/ fluorocarbon contamination, hence ,changes surface energy and improve bonding strength. The radicals generated from this remote plasma source is capable to penetrate tiny gaps for underfill applications. The AL76 batch system is designed for use in a large scale production environment.

Microwave Quartz Systems

Alpha Plasma Q series is designed for plasma etching and descum in wafer manufacturing process. This microwave plasma asher provides consistent etching rate, uniformity and repeatability within a single wafer and between batch. The unique system capability is also use in the removal fo sacrificial layers in SU8 and MEMS fabrication.

ASTRO PACTO Microwave Series

The ASTRO PACTO Series comes in optional manual and automatic loading configuration. Equipped with precision temperature control and a robotic handling arm, the unit is well suit for high throughput for photoresist etching and descum application. Optional compact tabletop model with manual loading is also well received by academic institutions worldwide for R&D purpose to medium production environment.

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