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With more than 1,000 systems sold and comprehensive technological expertise, we have been supporting our customers in the production of high-purity monocrystals.

About us

PVA TePla is an association of diverse high-tech companies that operate worldwide. Backed by decades of experience and an eye for the innovations of tomorrow, we develop unrivaled systems for vacuum, high-temperature, and plasma processes as well as for quality inspections—always in close cooperation with our customers.

For more than 60 years, PVA Crystal Growing Systems supports our customers in the production of high-purity monocrystals (Si, SiC, Ge, GaAs, InP). More than 1000 of our customized systems were sold to the semiconductor, photovoltaics, electronics and R&D industries.

PVA Software Production Automation offers customized optical wafer inspection systems with machine vision, deep learning technologies and SECS GEM automation. Furthermore providing standalone software and data management solutions for our customers' semiconductor machine park.

PVA Crystal Growing Systems GmbH
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35435 Wettenberg

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Internet: www.pvatepla-cgs.com

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Tanja Guckelsberger
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Kevin Fredriksen
Sales Manager
PVA Semiconductor Systems (Xi An) Co., Ltd.
No.385, Hangtian Zhong Road Zhongchuang Plaza 1103
710100 Xi An
P. R. China

Phone: +86 29 8968 7501
Fax: +86 29 8968 7501
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PVA SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH
Seifartshofstr. 12 – 14
96450 Coburg

Phone: +49 9561 79470
Fax: +49 9561 794777
Internet: www.pvatepla-spa.com

Products and Services

Czochralski systems:
- SC32 (for the production of up to 12" Silicon ingots, modular concept, ready for magnet use.
- CGS1218 (for the production of 12" - 18" Silicon ingots, modular concept, shaft or cable, ready for magnet use)

Float Zone systems:
- FZ-30 (for the production of up to 8" Silicon ingots with a lengths of up to 2,000 mm)

Physical Vapor Depositon systems:
- baSiC-T SiCma400/600 (for the production of 4" - 6" Silicon Carbide crystals (SiC), heated by induction coil optimized for low energy consumption, compact footprint, high degree of automation)

Optical inspection technology:
- EBIS allocates visual defects >50µm on the wafer backside within 10sec
- UL2061A automation microscope for 3" - 8" wafer quality control
- BT12 automation microscope for 6" - 12" wafer quality control
- MIx automation microscope for framed 3" - 12" wafer sawing quality control

Software automation:
- PDG PVA Data Gateway for SECS GEM300
- AOI Checker with golden image inspection
- SPAwn wafermap network for machine park data management
baSiC-T SiCma400/600

The system is designed for the production of silicon carbide (SiC) crystals by physical vapor transport (PVT). The system uses a induction coil in the kilohertz range designed for low energy consumption. The possible size of substrate is 4'' - 6''. Due to a high degree of automation and a compact footprint, the system is optimized for mass production. Additionally available are a mobile loading and unloading cart, and other modular options - e.g. vacuum pumps and measuring devices.

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Our sophisticated Czochralski-Puller for the mass production of silicon crystals up to 12". The modular configuration allows the system to be tailored to our customers' needs. Thus, the system can be equipped e.g. with a magnet.


Our Universal Loader Microscope system for optical wafer inspection up to 12" with scalable automation and fast feedback loops to our customers' process team. High cleanroom standards down to ISO3 can be attained with a mini enviornment and SMIF/FOUP cassette compatibility.

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