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Osiris International is a manufacturer of machines specializing in photolithographic process equipment used in semiconductor and microsystems (MEMS) technology.

All of our systems are designed exclusively for processing single substrates and are equipped with our in-house, user-friendly control panel with all the necessary features such as recipe programming, service, maintenance and user management.

Depending on customer requirements, the wafer handling is adapted for traditional silicon wafers or advanced compound semiconductor substrates (Si, SiC, GaAs, glass, a.o.).

In addition to the production of our machines, which range from manual laboratory systems to fully automated cluster systems, we also offer components (e.g. chucks, end-effectors) and sub-systems (e.g. dispense systems, media supply cabinets with various canister designs).

We supply our technologies worldwide to major semiconductor manufacturers and internationally renowned research and development institutions.

Products and services

Equipment for surface treatment of semiconductor substrates / masks (photoresist spin & spray coating, developing, baking, cleaning, etching, stripping & metal lift-off and temporary bonding & debonding) with standardized machines or customized equipment.

Osiris International machines range from laboratory systems to semi-automatic and fully automatic systems. Also, we offer sub-systems such as PR Dispense Systems (Pumps, Syringe or CPD) and media supply cabinets with various canister designs.
VARIXX 804 - Automatic production systems

The automatic cluster system platform offers the customer the possibility to configure the system so that it can be optimally equipped for the required process.
• Flexible configuration of processing modules
• Available modules: spin coater, developer, temperature and smart-EBR
• Handling thin, standard or bonded wafer (Si, glass & others)
• Round wafer up to Ø300 mm (Ø12 inch)
• Square substrates size up to 230 x 230 mm (9 x 9 inch)

BASIXX ST20+ - Laboratory spinner systems

Is a compact, spin coating, developing, cleaning and drying semi-automatic system designed to provide users in science, and research with a productive, safe and clean lab system.
• Software control with recipe management function
• Transparent cover with safety interrupt sensor
• Solvent injection over puddle nozzle
• Process bowl and splash ring removable for cleaning
• For substrates up to Ø200mm or up to 150 x 150 mm
• Available as bench mounted, table-top or stand-alone unit

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