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PVA Crystal Growing Systems GmbH
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With more than 1,000 systems sold and comprehensive technological expertise, we have been supporting our customers in the production of highpurity monocrystals for more than 60 years. The semiconductor, photovoltaics, electronics and R&D industries all benefit from our high-performance systems and comprehensive service offering. Thanks to customized plant design and project execution, we help our customers to grow high-quality crystals that
meet your exact needs.

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Czochralski Process (Cz) The Czochralski process (Cz) is also known as “crystal pulling” or “pulling from the melt”. In this process, Silicon (Si) is first melted and then allowed to freeze into a crystalline state in a controlled manner. The advantage of this method is that it is fast and highly controllable. The industrial cultivation of high-purity monocrystalline Silicon crystals using the Cz Process has become well established primarily for the solar and semiconductor
industries (in the computer industry for integrated circuits and in microsystem technology). You benefit from the high effectiveness and quality of the cultivated crystals.

SC 24

The Czochralski crystal-growing system SC 24 has been specially designed for the industrial production of monocrystalline Silicon crystals (ingots) in the semi/ solar industry. The modular system concept means
that it can be optimized in line with the customer’s
needs. The 24" hot zone is optimized for minimal energy consumption, can be charged with up to 160 kg
of Silicon (without feeder) and can produce crystals with a diameter of up to 230 mm (9").

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The FZ-30 Float-Zone crystal-growing system is designed for the industrial production of monocrystalline Silicon crystals with a diameter of up to 200 mm (8"). Depending on the dimensions of the source rods, crystals with a length of up to 2,000 mm
can be pulled. The crystal diameter and height of the
liquid zone during the process can be monitored using a camera.

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baSiC-T SiCma400/600

The baSiC-T SiCma400/600 system has been specially designed for producing Silicon-Carbide crystals (SiC) by means of physical vapor transport (PVT). In this method the powdery base material is heated up at high temperatures, whereupon it undergoes sublimation and is finally deposited on a specially prepared substrate.

This takes place through inductive heating in the kilohertz range by means of an induction coil.

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