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ProTec ® - the world´s leading experts for mobile electrostatic chucking solutions. Over many years ProTec ® has built up an unmatched experience in unique chucking solutions. Based on electrostatic forces we chuck various kinds of substrates, e.g. glass, foil, silicon. The substrate fixation is done purely from the backside, giving access to the entire front side for processing. Our T-ESC Technology, an adhesive free temporary bonding method, is widely used in the semiconductor and display industry e.g. for ultra thin and fragile wafer handling. The force generated is uniform and can be controlled completely. Our customers are industry leaders and worldwide famous research institutes coming from various industries such as compound semiconductor (GaAs, InP, LT, LN, SiC, etc.), Power, MEMS, 3D IC in the field of semiconductor to glass and display applications e.g. cover glass coating, optical bonding and OLED manufacturing.

Products and services

The ESC and T-ESC® Technologies by ProTec® offer the solution for demanding processing on new or even existing equipment, leading to a better cost of ownership and an easy integration of new processes on already existing lines, such as thin glass coating on standard equipment, temporary bonding without adhesive, gripping and fixation of sensitive substrates. Highest yield also for fragile substrates can be generated for inline and also cluster based processing tools.

  • Adhesive free temporary Bonding/ De-Bonding stations for R&D (20 wafer/hour) or mass production (120 wafer/hour)
  • Mobile T-ESC® - electrostatic carriers for the touchless support of fragile substrates
  • Customized electrostatic chucks for various applications
  • High Voltage Controllers with integrated measurement functions for inline (fully vacuum suited) or stationary processing
Fully Automated Chucking Unit (ACU)

ProTec®´s Automated Chucking Unit (ACU 3000) is built for high volume temporary bond and de-bond applications with up to 120 wafer + T-ESC®´s packages per hour. Inside the machine Bernoulli end effectors are handling the wafers and T-ESC´s in a safe and reliable way, even 50µm thin wafers can be handled free standing. The alignment and fixation during the chucking procedure is done based on the Bernoulli principle, guarantying highest yield during handling.

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Mobile ElectroStatic Carrier (T-ESC®)

The T-ESC® Technology by ProTec® offers safe and easy handling as well as processing of fragile, thin and ultra-thin substrates (< 50 µm), e.g. GaAs, InP, LN, LT, thin silicon, thin MEMS wafer and many more. Such wafer-Carrier packages can be handled and processed like wafers of standard thickness.
All our Carriers are available in standard sizes from 2" to 12" and additionally in customized shapes.

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Manual Chucking Unit (MCU 3000)

The Manual Chucking Unit (MCU 3000) is used to temporary bond and de-bond the device wafer with our T-ESC®´s. It is suited to low volume or R&D production, a trained operator can achieve between 15-25 bonds and de-bonds per hour.

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