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MUEGGE is a leading supplier of scalable plasma technology for Photovoltaic, Flat Panel Display and Semiconductor applications as well as Remote Plasma Source (RPS) applications in the Semiconductor and MEMS markets.

Muegge has a strong expertise in Strip/Removal tools which enable a fast dry etch process for SU-8, KMPR and PMMA. This is a key process technology for Semiconductor and MEMS fabrication.

Further examples of MUEGGE's stripping applications are in the "Semiconductor Backend" area as Stress Relief Etching after Grinding and Recess Etching for the Through Silicon Via Technology (3D integration).

In the "Semiconductor Frontend" MUEGGE's offers a Remote Plasma Source for isotropic etching of Silicon and Silicon compounds, as well as scalable plasma arrays for plasma enhanced deposition and chamber cleaning.

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No plasma, only radicals are reaching the process chamber. Therefore the RPS system is ideal for applications which necessarily need to avoid physical effects as ion bombardment and high thermal load.

The radicals generated by the Remote Plasma Source are creating only a chemical reaction at the surface of the substrates. That is leading to extremely low thermal load and damage free etching at high rates.

  • Isotropic etching of silicon, silicon nitride, silicon oxide with superior etch rates.
  • Photo resist stripping on different materials as silicon, silicon oxide, metals, high-k, low-k materials.
  • Chamber Cleaning at low pressures using e.g. 2 slm NF3 @ 0.5 Torr.
  • Best performance in semiconductor.
  • Backend applications as wafer thinning and stress relief.


  • water cooled plasma zone
  • very high efficiency
  • high plasma density
  • pulse mode possible
  • ultra clean remote plasma source
  • ideal for high tech semiconductor processing
  • easy, cost and time saving maintenance

The RPS MA3000 series is designed for the usage at vacuum chambers. Typical process pressures are between 0.3 Torr and 5.0 Torr.

A Remote Plasma Source (RPS) is defined by the fact that a plasma is only generated and existing in the RPS itself, not in the process chamber.

No plasma, only radicals are reaching the process chamber. Therefore the RPS system is ideal for applications which necessarily need to avoid physical effects as ion bombardment and high thermal load.

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A combination of Duo-Plasmalines can be used to obtain a two dimensional plasma array. Single sources as well as 2, 4 and 8 parallel arranged Plasmalines are available for plasma assisted surface treatment like surface activating, etching and deposition.
The Duo-Plasmaline is a direct microwave plasma source without using a magnetic field. In a simplified description, it works like an inverse luminescent tube excited by microwaves.

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Muegge’s plasma decapsulation tool has been developed for the fast etching of mould compound and polyimide to open microchips without attacking the sensitive wiring.

• Optimized for decapsulation of microchips
• Short decapsulation time at gentle process conditions
• Removal rate approx. 200 µm per hour
• No attack on wiring (e.g. Cu, Pd - Cu and Ag materials)
• Slight attack of chip passivation
• Fast, isotropic etching by radicals only
• No ions, no radiation, no el. fields at sample

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