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PASS Ltd was founded in 2007 to serve the markets in Asia, specially the manufacturers of modern electronics, with excellent and state -of-the-art production equipment. Beside the supply of advanced technology, high priority and focus are directed towards
application support, professional mechanical adaptation to automation needs, customer trainning (in China and in Chinese Language) and after sales support.

PASS has built an exclusive portfolio of unique suppliers, becoming a link between the manufacturers of production systems and customers. In China, PASS has its own experts serving the Chinese market in its own language.

Products and services

Equipment for Manufacturing Electronics on ceramics and wafers. (e.g application for LTCC/HTCC/SOFC/DBC/MLCC/SIC); Puncher
(Mechanical/Laser), Screen-printer, AOI, Stacker, Sintering Furnace, Termination System, Core Driller, Automatic Electrical Tester, Disc Cutter, Polymer Chemical

Stratus Vision AOI

Inline or Offline AOI systems available: STRATUS NANO inspection: X/Y resolutions 8μm - 0.2μm per pixel for sub micron defects on circuits Substrates up to 12 inch (300mm). STRATUS MICRO inspection: X/Y resolutions 20μm - 1μm per pixel for micron size defects on circuits,Substrates up to 24 inch (600mm).

STRATUS 3D inspection: (Z) Lateral resolutions from 0.5μm, X/Y resolutions 20μm - 1μm per pixel for micron size defects on circuits Substrates up to 10 inch (250mm)

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EKRA Screen and Stencil Printer

The EKRA semi-/fully automated screen and stencil printer prepared for the Industry 4.0 is the cutting edge tool for printing of a large variety of flexible and rigid substrates for applications from small to high volume applications, R&D as well as prototyping purposes.

Available Special Transport Systems (STS) with a horizontally retractable table allows for quick reconfiguration and manual loading and unloading of the machine.

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KMS precision punching machine

Puncher KMS Punchers precision, versatility and prepared for Industry 4.0 connections with MES The choice of the design of the punching tool is depending on customers requirements. The KMS tool concept is open for every kind of combinations, such as: - Via Pin diameters down to 50 um - Large punching with single punching units up to 25mm - Punching speed up to 30 hits/sec - Large module tools with 100s of pins
punching - Inline inspection - Inline cleaning, flipping,...

3B, 7/F, Yip Fung Industrial building, Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Fong
HK1, Hong Kong

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Dayton Bishop
Managing Director
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News & Innovations

Laser Processing and Inspection

The newest generation of inspection machines not only need to inspect 2D and 3D, but also need to be able to mark the bad parts. This year we have implemented solutions for the detection of critical defects with automatic marking of the bad parts with a laser. The structures in this case can be very small for example 5µm ~ 20µm.
Specialized solutions like this are supplied routinely by our company, therefore if you would like to have an automated solution with AOI, Marking, electrical testing, ... we will be glad to support your requirement.

R2R complete solutions
New generations of mass production will always if possible try to resort to the least expensive, most reliable and efficient solutions available.
Roll to Roll or Reel to Reel solutions have always been used where possible.
With the modern technologies we are now able to provide customers with this high end solution where we can align with patters on the roll and print with precision conductors onto the roll.

Integrated are marking, drying, 100% inspection, pick and place, ... and full line control.

Applications range from very thin prints with screen printing (<1µ thick and 10sµm wide) to very large structures such as contact pads.
The technologies that this apply to range widely from LED to Chip Capacitors to high frequency applications.
It would be our pleasure to support your transition to the next generation.

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