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STRATUS - Yield improvement with Stratus AOI machine loop to production equipment (laser repair, printer adjustment, puncher, ...)

The new generation of SPIN software provided by STRATUS is now able to interface with many machines, including printers, punchers, MES systems and more to provide actual data of 100% inspection to live improve the customer's production and yield and report these to the production control.
Implementations include checking of laser punched pattern that are inspected and measured and the offset of the positions recoded to correct and improve the punched hole position.
Presently also the laser repair with after inspection can be implemented.
Of course also warning levels, data mining and other statistics can be reviewed to ensure that drift, stretch and material issues will be recorded early on and machine time is not wasted on producing scrap.

Exhibitor: PASS Ltd./Stratus-Vision GmbH

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